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Revolution Fanfic

Title: Truce
Rating: NC 17
Length: 3800
Fandom: NBC Revolution
Character: Bass Monroe/Charlie Matheson
Warning: Unseasonal Christmas fic - don’t ask

She pulled the bottle from under her coat and gave Monroe a wide berth as she went to put it on the table. There was already a bottle there, the label so dusty she couldn't read it. It looked a lot more expensive than hers, and there was a good chance it wasn't local swill filtered into a bottle.

'Great minds think alike,' Bass said. 'And Miles drinks to forget.'

Title: Missed Connections

Rating: PG13

Length: 1432

Fandom: NBC Revolution

Character: Jason Neville/Charlie Matheson.
AU - If the lights didn't go out

At home the only thing anyone talked about at the dinner table was the price of carrots and the weather. To be fair, that wasn’t true, sometimes Maggie would talk about the skin tags she’d frozen in her dermatology clinic. It was different in Chicago, they talked about music, film and the news.

Title: In Name Only

Rating: NC 17
Length: 1092
Fandom: NBC Revolution
Character: Sebastian Monroe/Charlie Matheson.

Monroe was terrifyingly brittle – dangerous as smashed glass – and someone who loved him could have put the jigsaw pieces together again.

Charlie didn’t love him though, so all she could do was blunder through the field of glass and hope not to cut her feet down to the bone. It sort of worked. He sort of listened. Sometimes. The maids appreciated not having to clean blood of the floor so often.

Tags: (c): charlie matheson, (c): jason 'nate' neville, (c): sebastian "bass" monroe, (fw): fanfic, (g): au, (g): smut, (l): ficlet, (p): charlie/'nate', (p): charlie/monroe, (r): nc-17, (r): pg-15
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