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Fic Rec: "In Enemy's Hands" series, Bass/Miles/Charlie, NC-17

I have been reading this fic and cannot believe that it has not been posted here for sharing (nor can I believe it has gotten so little response). It's both sexy and smart. So, if you enjoy this author's work, please send encouragement. :3

Title:  In Enemy’s Hands (Series Index)
Author: [personal profile] hithelleth
Fandom: Revolution
Pairings: Miles/Charlie, Miles/Monroe, Monroe/Charlie, Miles/Monroe/Charlie
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7100~ (in progress)
Warnings: Threesome. Slash. Incest. It’s fiction. Please, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.
Genres: I suck at categorising things, but I’ll try: Romance/Friendship/Family/Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Disclaimer: I don’t own Revolution. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary for the entire In Enemy’s Hands verse: Sort of AU-ish, future!fic (same universe, different course of events). Uses basic information up to 1 x 04 “The Plague Dogs”, but happens post 1 x 04 (I might use information from future episodes, too). After a few failed attempts to rescue Danny, Miles and Charlie decide their best option of getting close to him is to surrender (pun fully intended) to Monroe. Smut ensues. There will be more plot in later parts, but the beginning is basically smut. Also, Monroe is not the ultimate villain in my universe, so they all eventually work together to bring the power back and defeat the big bad (whose identity remains hidden to me for now). My fiction, my rules, deal with it.

Surrender (First Part)
Reunited (Second Part)
Captive (Third Part) 

And I have on good authority that the third part will be released in the next few days... Edit: Added link to third installment, because I am a fangirl of this fic series.
Tags: (c): charlie matheson, (c): danny matheson, (c): miles matheson, (c): rachel matheson, (fw): fanfic, (g): au, (g): future!fic, (g): smut, (misc): community recs, (p): bass/charlie/miles, (p): charlie/miles, (p): charlie/monroe, (p): miles/monroe, (r): nc-17
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