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FIC: Playing With Your Sword [Miles/Charlie]

Title: Playing With Your Sword
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4800
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: “You have me,” Charlie whispered, almost as if to not break that spell, and Miles didn’t know if the double entendre was on purpose or not. But what else could she possibly mean?
Spoilers: Set after 1x10 but nothing specific
Author's Note: 1) This one was written for the NBC Revolution Kink Meme and yes it's kinky and yes there is incest :)
2) I'm SO thankful to have found this place, seeing as there are so many Marlie shippers. The only Revolution!friend I have is totally calling me crazy for shipping them.

Playing With Your Sword

"Ruuuuuuuun!!!" Miles had screamed at the group, as they stood and stared at the flying helicopter mesmerized. "MOVE FOR GOD'S SAKE!"

He had harshly grabbed Charlie's hand as she was standing next to him and started running, and that finally pulled the rest of the group out of their reverie. They could hear the helicopter rising above them, the machine gun rotating and just as it had started shooting, they had found shelter in a sewer.

Charlie had been leaning against the wall, just inside the tunnel, breathing heavily. And even though Miles had been convinced that no bullet had hit her, he nonetheless had to make sure that she was okay, touching her face to make her look at him...

That had been almost two days ago. After the helicopter had flown away, they started to get away from Philly as quickly as they could. What followed had been long and exhausting walks through dangerous towns and ruthless wilderness. And while they would have had all the time in the world to talk, and there would have been enough to talk about, they all remained silent most of the time, only talking when they discussed meals or resting places.

To Miles' surprise, Charlie stuck close to his side. He had hoped that now that she had her mother back he could finally put some distance between them. Fighting all those strange feelings he had developed for her had become harder and harder with every day that passed. Miles couldn't (or didn’t want to?) even name them but deep within him, a dark and secret part of his tortured heart knew that it went beyond every conventional feelings you usually felt for your family members, that it went beyond everything he has ever felt before. He tried to ignore that part, distracting his thoughts with Monroe, the power he now held and what they were going to do about it. But then moments like the night before happened, where Charlie puts her sleeping bag within arm's length of his, or like just that morning where he catches her watching him sleep, that his resistance slowly starts to crumble and he knows that things have to change.

The day was coming to an end, the sun slowly sinking behind a slight hill in the distance, throwing its last golden sunrays in their direction. The little group had reached the outskirts of a small forest, far enough away from Philadelphia to be out of immediate danger but still close enough to being able to get information on the happenings there.

"There is a small cabin, about another mile South of here," Nora suggested after they came to a halt. "I used it as a hiding place a couple of years back… I doubt anyone knows about it.”

Rachel, Danny, Charlie, Aaron, everyone looked expectantly at him as if he was the only person who could make that decision. He thought about it for a moment but the prospect of another night under the sky, that certain young woman lying close to him was all the conviction he needed to decide for the cabin.

“Fine. Lead the way,” Miles quietly said.

They kept on walking in silence, Nora and Aaron leading the group southwards. Denny and Rachel were right behind them and after a slightly bigger gap came Miles and Charlie.

“Are you okay?” she asked after a little while.

“Sure, why would you ask that?” Miles said and tried to sound convincingly.

“You’ve been so quiet ever since we left Philly…”

“Everything’s okay, kid. Don’t worry,” he replied with a slight smile that didn’t quiet reach his eyes.

“Is it because of Monroe? Nora explained your relationship to me the other day…” Charlie started, gazing at him from the side. But he kept his eyes on the ground, not daring to look at her.

“Why are you talking to Nora about me? My relationship with Monroe is over. It has been over for a very long time now. There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Okay… If you say so. I’m not going to bother you any longer then.” Charlie clearly taking the hint that Miles didn’t want to talk.

Charlie started to speed up her steps in order close the gap to her mom and Danny but was held back by Miles wrapping a hand around her wrist. A bolt went through his body at the contact.

“Look, Charlie, I’m sorry. There is just nothing to talk about. Monroe and I have been friends, brothers. I couldn’t kill him the first time and I couldn’t kill him the second time I had the chance. That won’t happen again. End of story.”

“Okay… But you should stop blaming yourself for it. You don’t just kill your best friend. Everyone understands that. No one’s holding you accountable for it,” Charlie assured him, smiling at him with that special smile of hers.

Miles risked a short glance at her, slightly nodding. It was better letting her believe that Monroe was the reason for his quietness. And it wasn’t even a lie anyways, since it was Monroe who occupied every (superficial) thought of Miles.

They returned to walking next to each other in silence and soon they reached the cabin Nora had been talking about. It was partly hidden by large trees, its windows no longer existent, the shutters hanging in weird angles on its hinges. The door on the backside was brittle and slightly open. The whole cabin showed no sign of having had any residents for a very long time.

“It still looks the same.” Nora mused and was carefully pushed aside by Miles, who had drawn one of his swords as he entered the cabin. After a quick yet thorough look through all the rooms, he declared it safe for them to enter.

“I guess we’ll just stay here for a little while until we come up with a plan of what to do next.” Miles suggested and was greeted with relieved looks from every single one of them. A somewhat warm and safe place would do them good, especially sleeping in a comfortable bed again.

The cabin wasn’t really big but it had a cozy living room with an old and slightly musty sofa as well as a fireplace. On the left-hand wall was a door that led to a tiny bath room. On the right-hand side were two doors, one leading to the master bedroom, the other to a room with two loft beds.

It was decided that Aaron, Rachel, Danny and Charlie would take the loft beds, Nora sleeping in the master bedroom and Miles offered to take the couch. Nora had offered him the other half of her bed but he politely declined, not wanting to discuss it.

And so, for the first time in months, they all found a more or less untroubled few hours of sleep.


The next day, and the days that followed, they found a routine that everyone could live with. Rachel, Danny and Aaron made the cabin look a little more presentable, while Miles, Charlie and Nora were responsible for hunting and supplying them with fresh water.

After a few days, the silence between Rachel and her children had finally been broken. They spent many hours talking about the past and things were revealed that almost tore the whole group apart. Miles was close to leaving more than once, and so was Charlie, who had a hard time understanding her mother. And Miles. But they were a family and they were all they had left. So they all got over it, moving on with their lives and looking into the future, not dwelling on the past.

Living so close with five people wasn’t easy for Miles, who had been on his own for such a long time. But living under one roof with Charlie was something else entirely. At every possible chance he tried to avoid having to spend time with Charlie as good as possible, without raising any suspicion. But of course Charlie noticed his strange behavior and more than once tried to talk to him. He assured her that everything was okay every time. Soon, she stopped asking and pretended like everything was indeed okay.

And after a little while, everything really seemed to turn back to normal. Miles finally found his old self again and they spent hours sitting together, plotting how to destroy the amplifier, what to do about the other necklaces or how to take down Monroe.

When they weren’t hunting or talking, they trained. Miles had suggested teaching them a few tricks to become better fighters, for that might be essential in their combat against Monroe.

Together with Nora, Miles showed them everything he knew about how to survive against the militia. And Charlie, Rachel, Danny and Aaron were good students as well, getting better and better with every training session.


It was a sunny afternoon, after about a week at the cabin, when everything changed.

Aaron and Nora had just decided to go out to get some fresh water and some wild berries and herbs, while Danny and his mother had decided to take a walk to talk. Miles had been outside of the cabin to cut some wood for their dinner later, when he heard someone move quickly on the other side of the building. That someone was breathing heavily and Miles could hear something swing through the air. Leaving the axe and the wood lying there, wiping the sweat from his forehead, he carefully moved around the cabin to check out what was going on.

To his surprise, he found Charlie with a sword in her hands. She had her back to him, moving quickly and expertly through the afternoon sun. Her hair was glowing golden and flying through the air, as she swung the sword up and down and from left to right. Miles could see the invisible enemy getting beaten by Charlie, first getting his arm cut off and then the sword being rammed in his chest. Standing there in the shadow of the cabin, Miles was mesmerized by the sight of her lean body, her controlled movements, her mastering of the sword with so much grace.

With everything in him screaming to go back to cutting the wood, to leave her alone to practice, he couldn’t help but move out of the shadows towards her. He sneaked up on her quietly, his hand on one of his swords. When Miles was only a few feet away from her, he pulled his sword out of his sheath, just in time to block Charlie’s attack, who had suddenly turned around. Their swords clashing above their heads, they invaded each other’s personal spaces so abruptly and unexpectedly, that they both held still for a few seconds, Charlie’s hot breath caressing Miles’ face as they gazed at each other.

Breaking that intense moment by lowering his sword, Miles moved a step back from the young woman in front of him. Taking a deep breath himself, he tried to clear his head.

“You’re getting better and better at this,” Miles said and couldn’t really hide his pride.

“I have the best teacher,” Charlie replied with a wink, still out of breath.

“Let’s see what you have learned then.” Miles returned, lifting his sword in attack.

Before he could form another thought, Charlie was already jumping at him. Within seconds, they were in a fierce fight. Charlie surprised Miles more than once with her capabilities and even though he could have probably disarmed her without a lot of effort, he enjoyed their little game just too much to do that. After a few moments, Miles retreated a little, so that Charlie could catch her breath. But they never left each other out of sight, moving in a close circle around each other. The intensity of a few moments ago was back, that strong pull between them becoming undeniable.

Miles could see a blush creeping up Charlie’s cheeks, as he stared at her with fire in his eyes. It was again Miles who had to break that moment, swinging his sword in Charlie’s direction. She blocked the attack and caught his weapon with hers just between their bodies. They were mere inches apart, her hand wrapping both around her and his sword, slightly grazing his fingers in the process. Miles was already breathing heavily and he knew it wasn’t because of the fight but because this situation was slowly but surely spinning out of control.

“Am I making you breathless already?” Charlie asked, with a mischievous smile on her lips. Miles never had to fight so hard to not just simply grab her and kiss her senseless. This is wrong. So, so wrong. I can’t let that happen.

“Careful, kid. You have no idea whom you’re up against,” Miles said warningly, his eyes stern.

“I forgot, mighty General of the Militia,” Charlie replied mockingly, knowing exactly what buttons she could push. That was obviously the one, as it made Miles move away from her again. Not carefully and thoughtless like the last time but graceful and purposefully.

“I’ve warned you, Charlie,” he said, his eyes fixed on hers, moving around her like a tiger around his pray. Her body moved with his, back and forth, from one side to the other, like to magnets being drawn to each other. Outsiders would have said that this had nothing to do with a sword fight anymore but that they were dancing, the most sensual dance one has ever seen.

Without any warning, Miles jumped forward jerkily, swaying his sword with just enough strength against her from the right side. She could barely block him then but as the second blow came from the left, the impact made her sword slip out of her hands. In a blur, Miles grabbed her upper arm, turned her around harshly, his sword touching her throat.

While Miles should probably have paid attention to his sword on her, all he could concentrate on was the feeling of her backside pressed against him. Her firm body fitted against his like a missing puzzle piece, the heat of her body sipping into every single pore of him. His free arm had sneaked around her stomach, holding her close to his body. It didn’t even take a second until he felt Charlie relax in his arms, slightly leaning back against his chest.

Both stood there with closed eyes, breathing as hard as if they had just run a marathon, neither able nor wanting to move. After what seemed like forever, Charlie slowly turned around in his embrace, looking up into his chocolate brown eyes.

“You have me,” Charlie whispered, almost as if to not break that spell, and Miles didn’t know if the double entendre was on purpose or not. But what else could she possibly mean?

His eyes on guard, Miles nodded and had almost convinced himself to loosen the grip on her and move far far away, when she grabbed his half-unbuttoned shirt to keep him in place.

“What…” Miles started but Charlie silenced him with a finger on his lips. She leaned even closer to whisper in his ear:

“Kiss me, Miles… I know you want to. I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me.”

“Charlie… You really have to be careful…” Miles replied, not believing his ears what he had just heard.

“I don’t want to be careful. Not with you.” Charlie said, the fire that possessed Miles, leaping onto her. Miles tried to comprehend what she was saying to him. He should be leaving and run as far away as he could. But with her pressed so tightly against his body, he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

“I’ll end up in hell,” was all he could say, before crashing his lips on hers. Her mouth welcomed him with the same hunger and passion he felt and it was more than he ever could have hoped for. Charlie’s arms sneaked around his body, returning that tight embrace and almost driving him out of his mind. Her tongue glided along his lips, seeking entrance. When their tongue’s touched, hungrily stroking and exploring, his whole world shattered as he realized that the one thing he could never have was the one thing he would desire for the rest of his life.

They stood in the sun, a slight wind blowing through the trees and over their sweaty skins, making the hair on Charlie’s arm rise. Miles felt her trembling, and reluctantly pulled away.

“You’re cold… We should get you inside…” Miles suggested, trying to catch his breath.

“The trembling wasn’t because of the cold…” Charlie replied hoarsely, holding on to his body for support.

“God… You will be the death of me, woman,” he answered and realized that all the fighting was for nothing, if Charlie so willingly offered herself up to him. He knew with every cell of his being, that it wasn’t right, that nothing could ever come from it, but that dark and secret part of his heart begged for him to give in. And so he did, kissing her again passionately, as he lifted her up in his arms, to carry her inside.


They moved directly to the master bedroom, their lips not once leaving each other. Miles carefully laid her down on the bed, crawling over her body, gracefully like a wildcat. Miles lay down on top of her and Charlie immediately wrapped her legs around his hip.

Miles groaned as his hardness came into contact with her body and he almost lost it then and there, grinding his hips into her for more friction. A needy breath escaped Charlie’s lips, before they were caught in another searing kiss that lasted a very long time and yet not long enough.

“You have no idea, how long I have waited for this,” Miles finally admitted for the first time, not only to her but himself as well.

“I know. So have I.”

Charlie’s admission made him more happy than it probably should and he kissed her again, not seeming to be able to stop. He kissed every inch of her skin that he could reach, which wasn’t a lot so the shirt she had been wearing had to go. Her body, still moist from their training session, glistened like a diamond. The skin on her stomach, so very soft to his touch, started to show the first signs of firm muscles, as they contracted beneath his finger tips. She was so very beautiful, that Miles didn’t know what to say. A soothing blanket suddenly surrounded Miles’ shattered heart, as he kept looking at that beautiful angel before him.

Charlie must have felt awkward, as she started to cover herself up with her arms but she was stopped by Miles.

“Don’t… You’re beyond beautiful,” was all Miles could get out. He had never been one to sweet talk, nor was he someone who took a lot of time with women. When he wanted to have sex, he never had a problem finding a willing woman that he could still his urges with. But that was all it ever was. Stilling his urges. Yes, there had been Nora with whom he had been as serious as one could be. But in hindsight, it didn’t even come close to what he was feeling in that very moment, with Charlie looking up at him, affection and warmth in her eyes. For her, he wanted to become whatever she needed. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she is, how much she means to him, how she has enriched his life ever since they’ve met. He wanted to tell her that and so much more. For the freaking rest of his damned life. And he wanted to take his time with her in that moment and every moment that followed. He would have gladly left the world to Monroe and just hid with Charlie somewhere safe, to stay with her, worshipping her, making her happy.

But, of course, Miles couldn’t do that. So he swore himself and Charlie, to make this moment they had now count. He let his lips and tongue travel over her upper body, alternating between kissing, licking and sucking. Only when he had tasted every part of her body, did he return to her lips for another passionate kiss. One arm slipped beneath her back to undo her bra, before stripping it off her body. Still kissing her, his finger slid feathery first over one, then the other breast, her nipples rising in need for contact.

Charlie reacted to every touch, shivered and trembled beneath him, her legs tightening around him. Her hips started moving on her own accord, rubbing against Miles and nearly killing him with it. At the same time her hands started moving up his body, taking his shirt with them, before pulling it over his head.

Seeing his naked chest for the first time, made Charlie shiver even more. It was strong and muscular, the hair on his chest screaming to be touched. And so she did, tentatively running her fingers up his six-pack, tracing the large scar alongside his ribcage before reaching her destination.

Miles enjoyed every single second of being touched by her, so wonderingly and affectionate like only someone who really cared about you could do. As he looked down at her, watched her darkening eyes, her swollen lips, her heavy breathing, a thought suddenly crossed his mind.

“Charlie?” he whispered quietly. “Have you ever… you know… Made love before?” He silently prayed that she hadn’t because the thought of someone else touching her, seeing her in the throes of passion, almost drove him mad.

“I…” she started, her cheeks turning crimson again.

“It’s okay… We’ll go slow.” Miles replied, relieved and at the same time even more nervous then as before. One wouldn’t think he was already a grown man, being so nervous about sleeping with another woman. But Charlie was definitely not just any woman. She was the woman.

Again, Miles kissed his way down her body, his tongue gliding around each nipple, before moving further down. Reaching the waist of her pants, he looked up at her, silently asking for permission to continue. Charlie watched him with hooded eyes and nodded. With a plop, the button was opened and with trembling hands, he removes both her pants and panties, leaving her naked before him. The blonde curls hid her secret place, but Miles could see and smell how ready she already was for him. His brown eyes became almost black, as he leaned down to kiss his way from her thigh to the juncture of her legs. Miles could hear her breath hitch, her body tensing, as his tongue darted out to trace her nether lips, before finding her clit. Charlie almost came off the bed at the contact, moaning loudly. It only spurred Miles on even more and he became painfully aware of the fact that his jeans were getting way too tight.

His tongue drew small circles around her clit, as his hands held her hips in place. Charlie squirmed, wanting to get away from the onslaught of feelings and emotions and at the same time trying to get even closer to the man who gave her so much pleasure. When her breaths started to become uncontrolled, Miles carefully let first one, then another finger slip into her body, to find that one spot that would let her come apart. With his fingers in her tight sheath, his tongue not once stopping his assault on her clit, Charlie finally let go, moaning Miles’ name as she convulsed around him.

Keeping his fingers inside of her, he quickly moved up her body and covered it with his.

“You okay?” Miles whispered, looking for any sign of regret or discomfort. He is rewarded with a satisfied smile but her eyes are still dark with desire.

“Miles? Take off your pants. I need you inside of me. Now,” Charlie replied as her hands moved to his pants to undo the button and zipper.

“You sure you’re ready for another round?” Miles asked, letting his fingers slip out of her, which made her twitch.

“If you’re not inside of me in two seconds, I…” But Miles kissed her, not letting her talk any further, as they pulled down his pants together. Charlie’s hands were roaming his back then moved to the front to touch his hardness. It was hard as steel, yet softer than anything she has ever felt before. Carefully, Charlie stroked him once, twice, three times, before she was stopped by Miles.

“You have to stop that, love, or I won’t be inside of you anytime soon.” Miles warned as the word love resonated through both their heads. As quickly as it came, it was gone again, when Miles slowly started entering her.

The tightness of her body was almost enough to send Miles over the edge. With everything he had in him he kept himself from just thrusting all the way in. It was that moment he realized that he would never be able to be with another woman again. No other woman could ever make him feel what he was feeling right that second. When he reached that little barrier inside of her, he tried to distract her with a passionate kiss, his tongue battling with hers, while his free hand moved between them to stroke her clit. Then he took her virginity and that whimpered sound of Miles’ name from her lips at the feeling of him so deep within her body almost made his heart explode. Miles gave her a few moments to adjust, before he slowly and carefully started moving. They fit together so perfectly, Miles thought, and truly believed that she was the one he was destined to be with. He didn’t care what other people might think of them, didn’t care that this might be wrong. All he cared about was this beautiful creature beneath him and nothing could ever change that.

Charlie’s legs wrapped around his waist again, letting him sink in even deeper. This time it was Miles who couldn’t hold back a loud moan. After only moments, he was already so close that he had to slow down. He didn’t want this to be over already, wanted to have Charlie with him when he tumbled over the edge.

His strokes became slow and even, pulling almost all the way out, before entering her in one, deep stroke. Charlie’s hands slid over his shoulders, to the small of his back, before drawing small circles on his butt, shooting a bolt through his body.

It was a wonder to see how in sync to people could get. Charlie met each and every thrust, lifting her hips in just the right time and just the right angle for him to stroke that sweet spot inside of her. And when he sped up his thrusts this time, he knew he would be able to take her with him. The tight muscles of her body already started quivering, as his strokes became quicker and more urgent, both soaring higher and higher, with nothing to stop them. Again Miles let his hand slip between their bodies, ruthlessly rubbing her clit while his hardness slipped in and out of her frantically. In the far corner of his mind he hoped that he didn’t hurt her but if her moans were any indication, than it was an indication for her passion. When Charlie’s body reared up from the bed, whimpering to never leave her again, her hot tunnel gripping his cock, Miles finally let himself go, tumbling into oblivion.

Charlie wrapped herself around him, holding him as they slowly came down from their height. When their heartbeats have finally returned to normal, Miles lifted himself up to look at her. What he saw was wonder, amazement, satisfaction, but also something else, something far more deeper and stronger, something that he was sure was in his eyes as well. But it was neither the place nor the time to speak out loud what was so evidently between them. Once they killed Monroe, in the hopefully not so far future, when the world around them would be a little saver again, that would be the time where they will lay together again, where he will tell her that he is in love with her and where she will reply that she loves him back no matter if other people would hate them for it or consider it as wrong. That would be the time where they had all the time in the world to show each other just how much they felt for each other. But until then, they had this moment.

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