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Revolution: The Second Coming - claims closing soon

Claiming for The Second Coming is due to close on September 1st at noon, Australian time.  COUNTDOWN CLOCK.

More than 100 prompts have been claimed, some of them twice over for different pairings, but that leaves nearly 200 unclaimed!  Check out our shipper scoreboard at The Orgy Armada to see how your favourite ship/s are faring!

Posting starts on the anniversary of the Blackout - September 17- so there's still time to claim your prompt and write, design, manip, draw, vid or mix your tribute to our show.  Check out the FAQ and Prompts below, then drop us an email at theorgyarmada@gmail.com with the details of which prompt you want to write, for which pairings.  Remember: The Second Coming means you choose TWO ships - romantic, platonic or otherwise - for each prompt you claim.

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