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Community Prompt Table (Comic Edition) - 50 Prompts in 50 Days (50/50) *Complete*

Your/Our mission:
A) Complete as many of these prompt words as you can before the 28th of June 2015, 11:59pm.
B) Work together to make sure all 50 prompts are filled, at least once.

Alright, shake off the cobwebs it's time to conquer 50 prompts in 50 days!

[Rambling...]The first chapter of the Revo comic was released just days ago, and there's already more questions than answers. We should assume (as usual) that we might not be provided with all the explanations we require. Thus, it's up to us to ferret them out for ourselves - so get to work. Tell me where CM2 live. Tell me why Charlie and Rachel aren't speaking. Where's Connor? Is Tom happy or brainwashed? Where are Priscilla's children? And most important of all, what's awaiting the gang in Bradbury?

If you want to fict about the before times, or write an AU that's cool too. Write whatever the hell you want. All I ask is that you try and be better than the Revo writers...The keyword is 'try'. Don't overthink it :D


(1) A fill must be Fic. (If you want to add some pretty graphics that go with it, I can't stop you, nor would I want to.)
(2) Any Prompt can be filled an unlimited amount of times. There's no 'claiming'. So, if you wanna try and fill the same prompt a hundred times, that's cool.
(3) Only the first person to fill a prompt, and comment here, will have their work linked in the Table.
(4) For variety, only your first eight (8) fills will automatically go into the table. Then if we reach the deadline and no one else has attempted the extra fills you've written (after those first eight), I'll add them to the table. Our goal is completion and cooperation.

-- All pairings are welcome --

01. Tattoo 02. Hair Clip 03. Skynet 04. Messenger 05. Wool Coat 06. Zoo 07. Whipped Cream 08. Shaving 09. Pirates 10. Handwriting
11. Wild West 12. Canada 13. Stranded 14. Wonderland 15. Cats/Dogs 16. Virus 17. Apocalypse 18. Rain 19. Endgame 20. Fugitive
21. Abandon 22. Lanterns 23. Madness 24. Philosophy 25. Euphemism 26. Sins 27. Six Months 28. Brother 29. Ruins 30. Silence
31. Stitches 32. Bonfire 33. Free Will 35. Experiment 35. Ice Cream 36. Holes 37. Patrimony 38. Saturday 39. Movie 40. Quest
41. Children 42. Shelter 43. Prisoner 44. Nickname 45. Fairytale 46. Kiss 47. Photograph 48. Faith 49. Grave 50. Zombies

Mod Notes.
Honestly, I don't know if this task is possible - it's true that we have very talented people in this fandom, but it's been almost a year since the finale...So ask yourself, have NBC cancelled your spirit? And have DC Comics manage to revive it? Are we all still crazy enough to overpower 50 prompts? Coz I'd like to think we are :)

  • If you combine prompts in your fill you will have to nominate which singular prompt you want your work linked to in the Table.

  • If you want to turn your fill into chapters - each featuring a different prompt, that's fine.

  • You don't have to be a Member (or even on LJ) to contribute to the Fill Tally. Tumblr, DW and AO3 citizens are more than welcome. It takes a village guys.

+ If you complete all 50, personally (Before 11:59pm, 28.06.15) - I'll make you a banner ;)


(In case you need a confidence boost - remember, we managed to do:

You choose your poison:
Three sentences OR up to 100 500 words.
Just comment your fills below. (If you run over - and you probably will - just comment the part of your fill that meets the requirements, then link us to the rest)

- - -

Fill Format.

[Title] | [Main Pairing/Characters] | [Prompt Word] | [Rating] [Warnings] [Genre (optional)]

[Insert fic here, you can even include a summary if you want]

ie. My love can double as a weapon | Miles, Bass, Charlie, | Sins | R | incest

*pretend there's a ficlet here*

or, Carpool! | Ben, Miles, bb!Charlie | School run | G |
After Danny has an episode, Ben calls in a favor to get Charlie to school on time.

[...]Ben calls just after seven am, the electronic chirps harsh in Miles' dim apartment.

"Benjamin," he grunts. He lifts his head to eye the clock. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Miles, please just tell me you're sober."

Charlie peers up at him curiously as he takes her hand in his. "Are you drunk?"

"No," Miles replies, leading her out of the hospital into the carpark. "Are you?"

"Can I smell your breath?"

Miles stops dead, frowning down at her. "Did your father ask you to ask me that?"

Charlie raises an eyebrow. "Answer the question."


- - -

If you have any questions, please leave them in the questions thread.


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